Vijay Babu FB Live: 'I am the victim here' Vijay Babu reveals the name of the complainant

copyrightVijay Babu FB Live: 'I am the victim here' Vijay Babu reveals the name of the complainant

Actor Vijay Babu has denied allegations of rape against him. Vijay Babu said that he is the real victim here. The actor's response came after he went live on Facebook late at night. Vijay Babu responded live with the introduction that the name of the victim in the torture case is being violated. The actor said that his opponent is happy when his family and loved ones are saddened by this complaint.

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Vijay Babu said that it is enough to be afraid only if you have done something wrong and you will file a counter case and defamation case in the incident. He claims that this case will be a start in the recovery complaints. The complainant girl has been known since 2018. He has not had any contact with the girl in his five years of experience. The girl came to her film through a thorough audition.

He has over 400 screenshots and messages sent by the complainant since March. Vijay Babu Live said that the complainant had approached him saying that he was suffering from depression and had not sent any message to the child for a year and a half. The messages sent by the complainant herself are not released out of grief for her family. He did not say what happened after that.

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The complaint against Vijay Babu is that he was raped several times in his flat in Ernakulam by offered opportunities in cinema. Actor and producer Vijay Babu have lodged a harassment complaint with the Ernakulam South police. There are indications that the police are moving towards arrest in the case. The girl had lodged a complaint against Vijay Babu at the Ernakulam South police station three days ago. Police have not yet released the details of the case. The police have registered a case against the accused of not getting bail. Police said they would take action, including arrest, in the coming days.


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