Something is happening to Samantha now in the case of the movie 'Shaakuntalam' - 3Movierulz

copyrightSomething is happening to Samantha now in the case of the movie 'Shaakuntalam' - 3Movierulz

The hero and heroines get very excited when some movies are committed. They will go ahead and make a name for themselves no matter how much remuneration is given. However, after a while, if the project is not promoted to the expected level and there is no response from the people to the promotional activities, it becomes boring. Causes frustration. Something similar is happening to Samantha now in the case of the movie "Shaakuntalam".

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Gunasekhar, who came to the forefront of the audience with his film Rudramadevi in ​​2015, has been busy in pre-production work for a long time to make a huge mythological film called 'Hiranyakashyapa'. However, Gunasekar has announced that he will be releasing a fun love story titled 'Shaakuntalam' based on the Adiparva in the Mahabharata, as he feels it is not appropriate to screen the film now that it has been locked down in order to take the film up the sets. Done.

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"Shaakuntalam" opens with Samantha as the heroine. A first look poster for the film has already been released but the film team was disappointed that the response was not as expected. Also, the film did not get along well from the business angle as it did not get a bit of buzz. But here's the thing... "Shaakuntalam" movie does not have big promotions. Most people do not even know what Samantha is doing with this movie in the end. Fans are also aware that Samantha's hard work for her career is being reduced to ashes.

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 Focusing on movies, Samantha has set her hopes on this movie. But the lack of any buzz about the film, and finally the silence of even the filmmakers on the film, and the fact that the post-production work has not started are making fans anxious. Gunasekhar revealed that the film will also be screened as a Pan India movie. The film is being produced by Neelima Guna under the banner of Guna TeamWorks, with music by Melody Brahma Manisharma.


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