Arjuna Phalguna 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightArjuna Phalguna 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz


The first thing to talk about in this "Arjuna Phalguna" movie is that it is for the hero Sri Vishnu. His film looks like a good improvement in acting for the film. Also in this movie, he showed his own ease of acting and directed the movie by himself. He gave a settled performance with that slang demeanor as a lad from the Godavari region. His comedy timing is also a highlight in this movie.

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The role of young and talented heroine Amrita Iyer is also good. As a village volunteer, she looked a bit masculine and acted with nice gestures. Also, the chemistry between Srivishnu and her is good. Along with them, Mahesh and the rest of the cast, who appeared to be friends, performed well to the extent of their roles.

Along with them, Naresh, who appeared in a negative role, also did justice to the role. There is another major plus in this movie which is to say for the music. The score given by the new music director Priyadarshan impresses as solid. I can say that many key scenes are quite impressive as well. Train sequences, some crime episodes are good.

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Some key scenes, however, come after a long stretch and until then, the audience feels like a movie dull. Yet the characters that appear in the film but the emotions that are associated with them also do not appear to be as strong. This further lacks interest in the film.

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Matney Entertainments' production values ​​for this film are decent. Also when it comes to the technical team Jagdish’s dark cinematography is neat. The locations he showed were good. Also, the dialogues are good in this movie. As mentioned earlier, the music director's performance was a good plus for the film. Editing also requires care.

When it comes to new director Teja Marni, he seems to have sidelined the story in an attempt to do something as a director. The key point chosen was that the elastic background of establishing it seemed okay but why not make it so interesting. Most lags can notice in his direction. Better not repeat himself like this before.

Taken as a whole, this "Arjuna Phalguna" does not feature anything more than a sincere attempt at the solemnity of Sri Vishnu as well as other actors' impressive short scenes. The director's failure hurt the outcome of the film a bit. Overall though this crime drama is not as impressive as expected.


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