Daniel Craig, against a James Bond woman: There should be good roles for them - 3 Movierulz

copyrightDaniel Craig, against a James Bond woman: There should be good roles for them - 3 Movierulz

The actor of the famous franchise claims that there are quality characters for actresses. His next installment, 'No Time to Die', hits theaters on September 30.

The debate over whether the next James Bond should be a woman has been on the table for some years now. Renew the mythical 007 or remain faithful to the novel by Ian Fleming? There are opinions of all kinds, but Daniel Craig, the last agent and protagonist of the next installment, No Time to Die, is very clear about his decision.

The answer to that is quite simple. There simply should be better roles for women and people of color. Why should a woman be James Bond when there should be as good a role as James Bond for a woman?

The actor believes that, instead of forcing the presence of actresses in sagas where an original character is a man, what the studios should do is bet more on strong female roles. In recent years, this attempt to put women at the forefront of action films has been noticed and the examples are beginning to be numerous. So we have, for example, Atomic, by Charlize Theron -who was also the great Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury on the road-, Lucy by Scarlett Johansson or the recent Kate, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Gunpowder Milkshake, with Karen Gillan, Lena Headey or Carla Gugino.

It seems that Craig's opinion is shared by the study and, possibly, that is the path that the franchise is going to continue. Executive producer Barbara Broccoli stated in 2018 that the important thing is to "create more female characters and make them fit into the story." "Bond is a man. He is a male character. He has been written as a man and I think he will continue to be that way. And that's fine," the producer assured.

In No Time to Die, the new installment in the saga and Craig's last as James Bond, the famous agent meets two companions ready for action: Nomi and Paloma. "There are many examples of powerful women in the film," they say in a recent behind-the-scenes report. The film opens on 30 Sep in theaters in India.


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