Vakeel Saab: Censor board cutting off objectionable words - 3Movierulz

copyrightVakeel Saab: Censor board cutting off objectionable words - 3Movierulz

Power star Pawan Kalyan star Vakeel Saab will be released in a few hours. The film is based on a burning issue faced by women in society. Although the original version was somewhat commercialized, Vakeel Saab Soul revolved around this point.

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Recently Vakeel Saab completed censorship programs. Vakeel Saab Censor Cleared With U / A. However the censor board objected to some hard-hitting dialogues in line with the story in the film.

The censor board has ordered that all such dialogues be muted due to the repeated use of words such as prostitution, bitch, fa *.

The courtroom scenes are said to be the lifeblood of Vakeel Saab. The film was produced by Dil Raju under the direction of Venu Sriram.

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