Godzilla vs Kong had a post-credits scene and the director explains what happened to it - 3Movierulz

copyrightGodzilla vs Kong had a post-credits scene and the director explains what happened to it - 3Movierulz

Adam Wingard gets behind the scenes of this new installment of Warner Bros. '' MonsterVerse '.

Godzilla vs Kong, the new installment of the MonsterVerse from Warner Bros., continues to sweep the box office. The film, directed by Adam Wingard, has grossed more than $ 285 million worldwide and has become the best theatrical release of the pandemic. The film features Millie Bobby Brown and Alexander Skarsgård in its cast and originally featured a post-credit scene. What happened to her? The director of the title has explained it in an interview with SyFy Wire.

"We actually shot a post-credit scene, but then we ended up using it in the movie," reveals Wingard. The director did not want to tell what moment of the film it is exactly and all he added is that it was “one of those things that we shot as an idea and we got into editing and we realized: 'We need a moment in a certain point in the movie. ' So we ended up taking that material and using it in a different context from the movie and it really worked for us. "

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The previous MonsterVerse movies, unlike the first Godzilla installment, did feature a post-credit scene. This is the case of Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. At the end of the day, these titles had a story to go forward in the future, but with Godzilla vs Kong, the same does not happen. At least, for now, a future installment of the monster franchise has not been announced after which he has faced the two titans.

"I think it's the 100% correct decision because this is the crossover of the MonsterVerse," Wingard says of not including a post-credit scene in his film.

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Godzilla vs Kong begins with the journey of the giant gorilla alongside his protectors to find his home. Along with them travels Jia, a girl who has created a strong bond with the titan. Everything goes according to plan until Godzilla appears and confronts Kong. The battle between the two monsters, instigated by mysterious forces, could answer the unknown at the center of the Earth.

Kyle Chandler, Rebecca Hall, Demian Bichir, Eiza Gonzalez, Brian Tyree Henry, and Julian Dennison round out the main cast of the film. On these lines, do not miss the trailer.


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