Shaadi Mubarak 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightShaadi Mubarak 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Movie Name: Shaadi Mubarak

Star Cast: RK Sagar, Drishya Raghunath.

Director: Padmasri

Producer: Sirish - Laxman

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Run Time: 2 hrs 16mins

Release: 5th March 2021 Rating: 3/5/5

Dil Raju not only spends crores of rupees to make films with star heroes he also occasionally produces small films. So the movie Shaadi Mubarak from his banner. Chakravakam serial Sagar was introduced as the hero in this movie. And let's see how much magic he did.

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Sunnipenta Madhav is coming to India from Australia for a wedding. Goes to see three girls in one day. He is accompanied by Satya Bhama from the Marriage Bureau. The two unknowingly fall in love with each other on this journey. But at the same time, Madhav says ok to one of the three girls who saw that. The story of what happened after that.

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Feels good shot when watching some movies. One such film is Shaadi Mubarak's film with no cost story. What a fresh feeling the 'wedding look' movie under four years old brought Such magic appeared in Shaadi Mubarak. Shaadi Mubarak has proved that a car does not cost crores of rupees to make a movie even if the story is written correctly.

The screenplay written by director Padmasri is impressive as it drives the story in a car throughout the first half without getting bored anywhere. The story of how the girl who took the boy to the wedding looks like he fell in love with her within a few hours and then met again is great.

The director has perfectly balanced both entertainment on the one hand and love story on the other. Rahul Ramakrishna in Fastoff and Hemant Comedy Scenes in Bhadram Secondoff worked out well. Director Padmasri directed the simple story with a good screenplay without any complications. Where without hesitation it is understandable that this film was shot with so much clarity from the first scene to the last scene. The director covered it with content despite budget constraints.

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Sagar impressed with serials .. became a hero with a good story. Not only did he look good on screen but he also acted. Raghunath acted wonderfully in terms of the heroine. Entertained with Cute Expressions. Especially who said she was dubbing but the audience fell in love with that voice. Rahul Ramakrishna, Hemant, and Bhadram all had a good laugh. Priyadarshini Ram's performance as the heroine's father is good.

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Technical Team:

The main hero of the film is Padmasri. He screened the beautiful story in a way that was entertaining at no cost. Wrote good scenes without getting bored somewhere. The editing is very neat. The cinematography is great.

One last word:

Shaadi Mubarak Movie Simple Cute Love Story You can definitely watch this movie.


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