Watch Gaali Sampath 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch Gaali Sampath 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Gaali Sampath’ is a movie starring Natakirti Rajendra Prasad in the title role of the young hero Srivishnu. Super successful director Anil Ravipudi is the screenwriter, dialogues, and presenter for the film, which is directed by Anish Krishna. How is this movie that got good craze with teaser and trailers? Now let's see how funny the Fifi language in this is...


Sampath can't speak due to damage to vocal cords in an accident. That is why everyone in the village calls him Gaali Sampath if he speaks the Fifi language. His son was Suri. Suri, who works as a DCM van driver, is aiming to buy his own DCM van. Gaali Sampath's acting madness brings new problems to Suri from time to time. One day due to Gaali Sampath, Suri not only disturbs the love marriage but also spends Rs 5 lakh borrowed for the DCM van. 

The two parted ways that day due to an altercation between the father and son. Gaali Sampath then accidentally falls into a 30-foot well behind the house. What are the challenges faced by Gaali Sampath in getting out of that well? What did Suri do when Gaali Sampath went missing? What did Suri know about his father Gaali Sampath? Did Gaali Sampath finally come out of the well? Or not? That's the story.

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Stars on the screen...

The highlight of the film is Rajendra Prasad's performance, as the team has been saying from the beginning. Although he has acted in many films in recent times, his performance as Gaali Sampath will be remembered for a long time. Energy, the way Fifi language is delivered is superb in terms of acting. If the whole movie is a hit, the monologue made in the pre-interval is not exaggerated in the awesome charm. Sri Vishnu did very well in the role of a responsible lad. Sri Vishnu - Rajendra Prasad did very well in the interval emotional scene. 

Lovely Singh seemed okay as long as she was not the notable character. Special mention should be made of Satya's role as a translator for the Fifi language in the film. Satya comedy timing, dialogues are very good. He was the one who made the audience laugh in the first half. Srikanth Iyengar made an occasional laugh in the second half. People like Thanikellabharani, Mirchi Kiran, Raghubabu, Srinivas Reddy, and Rachcharavi shone like that here and there.

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The talent behind the scenes...

The point of the story written by S Krishna is how he came out if he fell into a 30 footwell, but the story written around it is very old. The scenes in the story are also seen in some hit movies and other flop movies, so it feels like an absolute routine to finish the movie. The scenes may not be old, but the key to this film is the emotional touch. The emotional connection is what connects the audience in establishing the characters. But wearing comedy scenes without developing emotions between the characters is boring as the second half is completely elastic from an emotional angle. 

The screenplay provided by Successful Director Anil Ravipudi is no longer impressive. The reason for this is that even the emotional scenes that touch the heart are directed in a very light way and the flashback is not strong. Also, Anil Ravipudi's flavor is more visible than Anish Krishna Mark's as director. Aneesh as the director and Anil Ravipudi is the director's supervision did not have much success in connecting the film to the audience. Mirchi Kiran dialogues are good. Some one-liners written for Satya, in particular, are superb.

Sai Sriram's cinematography is excellent in the rest of the technical department. It is said that Achchu Rajamani music took those visuals to the next level. The songs are okay but the background music is great. But it is sad that there is not enough content in the scenes for such good music. AS Prakash Artwork is good. Tammiraju's editing was also okay but the repeated shots in the second half should have been reduced. Construction values ​​are good.

Whistle Moments:

- Rajendra Prasad Fantastic acting

- True comedy

- Humorous first half

- Rajamani Music

- The key point in the story


Anil Ravipudi, who has had success with commercial comedy films, has been promoting the film in the past, as well as taking screenplay - dialogues - directing and supervising credits, which would be a disappointment if the Good Range Entertainer did not think so. Although the first half seemed a bit fun, most of the audience was disconnected from the story as there was no emotional magic workout in the second half. Rajendra Prasad's excellent performance but his failure to engage seems to have made Gaali Sampath a good concept just like OK.


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