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copyrightHow many crores of rupees is Nani demanding for a movie - 3movierulz

Natural star Nani is currently working on two films, 'Shyam Singha Roy' and 'Ante Sundaraniki'. Both are in the production stage. Apart from these two, Nani is all set to launch another film in August this year.

It is known that the lockdown caused by the coronavirus has crippled the Telugu film industry. With the closure of the film industry for seven or eight months, directors, producers, technicians, and day laborers have all suffered from the heroes. Heroes have slashed remunerations to support producers. At a time like this, OTT platforms have become a bit of a drain on producers. Most of the films ready for release were sold by the producers to OTT companies at good prices. These include Natural star Nani's V movie. The movie got a good price.

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Now Tollywood has regained its former glory. Audiences are coming to the theaters. If the movie is good, it is a super hit. Everyone knows how big a hit ‘Krack’ came to Sankranthi and the subsequent release ‘Uppena’. Heroes are also increasing their rewards as art returns to the industry. Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that Maharaja Ravi Teja's remuneration has been massively increased with the hit 'Krack'. Now the talk is that Natural star Nani has also raised the reward.

So far, Nani has taken Rs 10 to Rs 11 crore. However, Nani's last three films have failed to achieve huge box office receipts. With this, the Nani graph went down a bit. However, trade sources said that Nani was not going anywhere. Nani is currently demanding Rs 14 crore. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! Nani hopes that his craze will increase with these films.

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Nani is currently ready to hit the screens with 'Tuck Jagadish'. The film, directed by Shiva Nirvana, is set to release on April 23. On the other hand, Nani is currently starring in 'Shyam Singha Roy' and 'Ante Sundaraniki'. Both projects are in the production stage. Nani is set to launch another film in August. Sudhakar Cherukuri is the producer of this film. Rumor has it that Nani is taking Rs 14 crore for the film.


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