Kapatadhaari 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightKapatadhaari 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Movie Name: Kapatadhaari

Cast: Akkineni Sumant, Nandita Swetha, Wennela Kishore, Nazar, Jayaprakash

Director: Pradeep Krishnamurthy

Producer: Dhanunjayan Rating: 3/5

Akkineni Sumant is the hero of the movie Kapatadhaari. The film opens as a remake of the Kannada super hit movie 'Kavaladhari'. The film is directed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy and produced by Dhanunjayan under the banner of Creative Entertainments‌ & Bofta Media. The film opens with a point on how a traffic policeman solves the murder mysteries that come to his notice in a crime thriller. But will the film impress the audience? How did Suman act as a police officer? Which case was solved? Let's see now...

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Gautam (Sumant) works as a traffic police inspector. He wanted to work in the crime department. But he reluctantly continues in the traffic department as his superiors do not agree. During the excavation of the Metro Pillar, skeletons were accidentally found during the excavation process. The skeletons were found to belong to a family that had been murdered forty years earlier. However, the crime essay is about to close the case without being able to solve it. But Gautam, the traffic policeman, is trying to solve the case. But will Traffic Essay Gautam find the truth behind those murders? What experiences did he have in that order? Who committed those murders ninety years ago? In that sense, the film goes on.

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Crime thriller stories are almost the same. Murders happen .. Holding a small clue related to the murder and cracking the case... To do so, unexpected twists are encountered. Tolerating them all and solving the hero case. The film also follows the same path. It presents a thriller-style mood on the screen. However, in this film, the murders take place some forty years ago. With this, not only the evidence related to the murders but also the human beings, the circumstances have changed. A hero carrying such a difficult case on his shoulders. How that case was cracked is interesting. In the first off of the film, the hero Sumant struggles to become a crime policeman. Decent Twists‌ With a good story the movie goes on gives an Excellent thrill to the audience.

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In thriller movies, the protagonist takes the intensity of the story to another level in a seriously similar mood. Sumant also .. acted in the movie with the same feel and mesmerized everyone. Nazar, who played the lead roles in the film, impressed everyone with his superb performance as Jayaprakash as Usual. Moonlight Kishore laughed a few times at First App. In such crime thriller movies, the heroine is not given much prominence. Even in this film, director-heroine-Nandita Swata does not seem to have much importance. Technically the film does not seem to matter. The music and camera sections performed brilliantly. The prowess of director Pradeep Krishnamurthy is evident in this film. Lots of thrilling elements in the storyline though seem to stretch the story. Finally: Kapatadhaari movie that entertained everyone throughout 


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