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A hero makes his son a hero... A doctor makes his son a doctor... An engineer makes his son an engineer... But a farmer is not the only one making his son a farmer... must change .. it must change.

These are the dialogues in the latest Sreekaram movie starring Sharwanand as the hero. After hearing these words, it became clear what the movie was going to be like and what it was going to say. The problems of the farmers are the main focus... The new director B Kishore is releasing the film Sreekaram with the theme of the greatness of the farmer.

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Ranarangam movie which came amidst huge expectations, Padi Padi Leche Manasu movie both these movies flop badly and now Sharwanand has fallen into a dilemma. The film Sreekaram is coming from Sharwanand at a time like this.

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In it, Kishore writes a story about the greatness of farmers. Now the same thing was shown in the teaser. Sai Madhav Burra wrote wonderful words saying that if the eaters have as much hair on the scalp .. the cultivators do not even have a mustache on the mouth. The film stars gang leader Fame Priyanka Mohan opposite Sharwanand.

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The child song Super Duper has already been released from the movie. The song, written and sung by Panchal Das, got good hype for the film. 14 Reels will produce the film Sreekaram. The film is set to release on March 11 as a Maha Shivaratri gift.

Watching the teaser brings up a story that is a bit risky. But Bhishma, who came last year, proved that success lies in telling an interesting story. It also tells the whole story about agriculture. If not here's a director Kishore weaving the story around farmers. Let's see .. whether Sharvanand's horoscope will change even with Sreekaram ..?


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