Bombhaat Movie review In 3Movierulz

copyrightBombhaat Movie review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: December 3rd, 2020 2.5 / 5

Cast: Sai Sushant Reddy, Simran Chowdhury, Chandni Chowdhury

Directed by: Raghavendra Verma

Written by: Vishwas Hannurkar

Producer: Josh b

Released today in continuation with several interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of movies being released digitally. Watching the movie "Bombhaat" released on the iconic streaming app Amazon Prime Video. And now let's find out how this movie looks in the review.

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Vicky (Sushant Reddy), a young man with no real luck in his life, suddenly befriends a scientist who misses his daughter Maya (Simran Chowdhury). In a twist, however, he discovers that the magic is none other than a humanoid robot. Another scientist (Macrand Deshpande) is also introduced here. And how did the scientist turn the story around? Who exactly is this magic? What is the role of another heroine Chandni Chowdhury? The real story is how sci-fi drama finally came to an end.

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Plus points:

Impressed with her appearance in "What Happened to This City", Sushant did a good job as a hero in the film. I can say that it's OK. Also, Chandni Chowdhury, who was impressed with the latest "Color Photo", did a small role in the film. Shishir Sharma, who also appeared in a pivotal role in the film, did full justice to his role.

Also, I can say that it is okay if Makrand, who looks like another scientist, does not have that much space. Also, the music in this movie feels good as well as the songs. However, the main highlight of the film is the role of Simran Chowdhury. Her character but the scenes and story designed about her are sure to impress the audience. Also, she did very well in her role.

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Minus points:

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. They get to know Yitte as long as they watch the movie. There is no seriousness in the narration of this film in particular. Also, some roles however seem to be coming regardless of the actual story.

The story seems to have gone astray because of this. Also, the screenplay seems to have taken a detour somewhere by the time one stage arrives. Yet as well as the scientific angle it certainly seems interesting to most people. It may seem interesting at first but it seems to have turned silly to Lost.

Also in some scenes but in the roles it seems to have nothing to do. Also, the story designed on the hero is not so impressive. And some of the sci-fi episodes that the hero does in the last ten minutes are just as impressive. There are a lot of floes as well.

Technical Category:

It is worth mentioning the production values ​​in this Scientific Backdrop movie. Good camera work as well as good construction values ​​are revealed in good graphical work in some essential scenes. The lyrics in the songs are also good.

And when it comes to director Raghavendra Verma, the story he chooses feels really weird. There are also a lot of flaws in writing it over and over. The drama designed on a robot did not elevate to the expected level.

Also in some scenes, this director still needs to improve. He also failed to capture good emotions. Not to mention the longer logics but in terms of twists though.


On the whole, the scientific drama "Bombat" was not a great success. There is nothing really big about it except the Simran Chowdhury episode alone as well as the small thrilling elements of the music. Many of the flaws in the story from the characters to the emotions have turned this movie into a silly flick.


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