Video shows: So close is 'Monster Hunter' to the template - 3Movierulz

copyrightVideo shows: So close is 'Monster Hunter' to the template - 3Movierulz

With "Monster Hunter," "Resident Evil" creator Paul W.S. Anderson tries to stay particularly close to the template. At least that's what a new behind-the-scenes video suggests, in which video games and filming are directly juxtaposed.

With video game filming, that's one thing: There are more and more of them, but you still have to look for really good ones like the needle in a haystack. One point that always annoys fans of the originals is the freedom that many filmmakers take with the adaptations – whose screen adventures than have little to do with the original material.

After the genre with "Pokémon Master Detective Pikachu" and especially "Sonic The Hedgehog" recently produced two hits, we are likely to expect more game adaptations in the cinema in the next few years. "Monster Hunter", which according to current planning is even in the house in a few weeks, should satisfy especially connoisseurs of the template.

This impression is certainly created in the video above, in which director Paul W.S. Anderson talks with the creators of the iconic game series – producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka – about how much he wanted to stick to the details of the gaming classic.

By the way, the official release of "Monster Hunter" is December 3, 2020. Whether it will stick with it, however, remains to be seen. For this, the cinemas have to reopen after the current lockdown next month.

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More than 15 years after the first "Monster Hunter" game was released in Germany, the now legendary monsters of the video game bestseller are now about to make their big-screen debut.

Especially when it came to the realization of popular monsters like Diablos and Rathalos, the filmmakers seem to have placed great emphasis on true-to-life, after all, they don't want to joke with the fans who know the creatures well. That's why the two creatures are in the foreground in the now released video, are even compared by split-screen (film and game).

All of this definitely makes you want to see spectacular monster knocks, which should be fun on the big screen – no matter if it's really early December or even later.

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"Monster Hunter," tells the story of the soldier Artemis (Milla Jovovich), who, together with her troupe (among others Meagan Good and Diego Boneta), is catapulted by a sandstorm into another world in which dangerous giant monsters exist. There is a merciless struggle for survival, in which, fortunately, the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa) soon takes the side of the soldiers – and he knows exactly how to defend himself against the dangers of this alien world.


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