Reminiscent of arguably the most embarrassing Dwayne Johnson photo: New image for the Netflix blockbuster Red Notice - 3Movierulz

copyrightReminiscent of arguably the most embarrassing Dwayne Johnson photo: New image for the Netflix blockbuster Red Notice - 3Movierulz

After a picture of Dwayne Johnson in "Red Notice" recently sprayed "Fast & Furious" vibes, a new look at the Netflix actioner now evokes more memories of a legendary embarrassing photo of The Rock...

Dwayne Johnson is nour to provide us with new impressions of his upcoming action spectacle "Red Notice" every day. Not every picture offers exciting new insights into the most expensive Netflix movie (as it currently is) available. But we don't want to withhold the latest photo from you for two reasons.

For one thing, the sight of Dwayne Johnson in a black turtleneck sweater (which was still largely hidden under a casual leather jacket in the previous picture) at least brings back memories of a fashion-derailing photo of 1996 of The Rock, which the Hollywood star himself described as "the iconic absurdity of an image" when he self-ironically re-enacted it in 2017:

Admittedly, in the "Red Notice" picture, Johnson looks much cooler than he did 24 years ago, but the turtleneck skirt is just a little pre-loaded – even without a silver chain and belt bag.

On the other hand, the snapshot is interesting mainly because it actually provides a small hint of the film's still rather vague plot...


All that was known so far was that Dwayne Johnson, as an FBI profiler with the help of a notorious trickster (Ryan Reynolds), hunts down the world's most wanted art thief (Gal Gadot) in "Red Notice."

Thanks to the new photo of the film, we now have a clue what the thief played by "Wonder Woman" Gal Gadot might have to look for: the egg of Cleopatra, an invaluable art object. We will find out next year whether she will succeed in her project.

"Red Notice" will be released directly on Netflix in 2021.


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