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copyrightThe Boys: Meet Stormfront, the new member of the Sevens - 3Movierulz

Aya Cash joins the second season already available on Amazon Prime Video.

The second season of The Boys is now available in Amazon Prime Video, specifically the first three episodes and then airing a new one every following Friday until the end of October 9, and you've already met Stormfront, the new member of The Seven played by Aya Cash.

But who is Stormfront really? This character already appears in Garth Ennis comics but in the series, he has been changed gender and whose origins we will keep secret so that he cannot spoil the series.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cash mentions how surprising his character can get in this second season:

"You start this installment thinking she's one thing and then you find out it's another. There are many occasions when you identify with her or agree with what she says. I think those people are the most dangerous, in truth Undoubtedly, it will give what to talk about Stormfront in this second season in which new actors like Shawn Ashmore have also joined in bringing Lamplighter or Jensen Ackles to life in Supernatural."

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Remember that every Friday a new episode of this second installment of The Boys will be released on Amazon Prime Video until the end of October 9.


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