Mulan: The most iconic moments of the remake and the animated classic, together in one video - 3Movierulz

copyrightMulan: The most iconic moments of the remake and the animated classic, together in one video - 3Movierulz

The Real Disney Action Film directed by Niki Caro, with Liu Yifei as heroin, is on its streaming platform for $29.99 and subscribers only.

Disney's latest 'real action remake Mulan led by Niki Caro and Liu Yifei as heroin, is available on the Disney+ streaming platform for $29.99 and subscribers only. But I'm sure you also remember the 1998 animated classic Mulan, Tony Bancroft, and Barry Cook and Ming-Na Wen as the voice of the protagonist. Disney knows it is and has broadcast a video comparing the iconic moments of both lengths.

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The villain and the ruthless leader of the Shan-Yu Huns, the arrival of the imperial army at the house of Mulan, the hair comb and sword, the practices of warrior apprentices, the spectacular stunts, the sequences with horses... If you take a look at the video that you have just below, just over a minute long, you will discover many similarities.

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Scripted by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Elizabeth Martin, and Lauren Hynek, the new Mulán essentially tells the same story as its animation predecessor. Set in Han Dynasty China, the plot centers on Hua Mulán, a beautiful, strong, and courageous young woman and daughter of a respectable war veteran, Fa Zhou. The girl always gets into a lot of trouble for not being exactly a sophisticated lady, and that just causes the matcher not to have a very good opinion of her.

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When China is attacked by the invaders of the north, commanded by The Khan, and with the help of a witch named Xianniang, the Emperor decides to assemble a colossal army made up of one male from each family. But Zhou is too old and, fearing he won't come back if he marches once more to the contest, Mulan pretends to be a man and takes his place. There he meets Honghui and other friends and demonstrates his courage and loyalty. But will yours and even the emperor feel sorry for her when they find out her secret? You can watch his trailer right up.


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