Watch: Abhay 2 Hindi Full Series Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Abhay 2 Hindi Full Series Review In 3Movierulz

Lead Cast: Kunal Khimu, Sandip Dhar, Asha Negi, Ram Kapoor, Nidhi Singh, Chunky Pandey, Raghav Juyal, Ashima Vadan, Bidita Bagh

Director: Ken Ghosh

Producers: B.P. Singh, Renu B.P. Singh

Cinematography: Hari K. Vedanta

Editor: Mukesh Thakur

In order to continue with reviews of many pictures and series during this lockdown, we will now have to review how this web series is available in the G 5 streaming app.

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Story :

The series is a cop drama with the previous season Abhay 1. The makers have made the first season with episodes of the hero. But now it is a continuation of the season with Abhay Pratap (Kunal Kheemu), villain Chuki Pandey, Bandita Bagh, and Ram Kapoor. Also, each episode has a different line-up. The original story is how the hero completed the challenges.

What's good?

Kunal Kheemu, who appeared as the lead character Abhay Pratap in the series, appeared as a police officer with decent looks. He also impressed with his good performance for each episode. As well as the main villain, Chuki Pandey, but the psycho villain once again showed his villains.

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Ram Kapoor, who appeared as another villain with Chuki Pandey, is also very good for kidnapping episodes or many investigation scenes designed by him. The female character who looked bold with them is Ballia. She has done a great job of the director's role as a prostitute. As well as every episode of the series, the background score, production values, and camera work seem solid.

What is bad?

There is a big flame for this series, which is in the case of the narrative. Director Ken Ghosh chose solid content in terms of story. But it seems that each episode is still showing a gripping one. Twists are also not great. Also in other casting or some scenes are not very impressive. Besides, the screenplay would have been designed more beautifully.

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Last word:

The main plot is how the drama between crimes and police in each episode is to be said. However, the performances of the good story and main roles in this second season were the real main attraction. But the right screenplay and the story is a little slow, so the good story does not seem to be balanced. So this series can be a look.


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