Watch: Gypsy 2020 Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Gypsy 2020 Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release date: July 17th, 2020 Rating: 2/5

Lead Cast: Jeeva, Natasha Singh, Lal Josh, and others

Director: Raju Murugan

Producer: Ambedkar Kumar

Music Director: Susheela Raman, Santosh Narayanan

The film is directed by Raju Murugan as the hero of the film Movie Fame Jiva. Produced by Ambedkar Kumar, Natasha Singh starred opposite Jeeva. The Tamil hit film was released on July 17 on Telugu potty platform Aha. Let's go to the review and see how much the film impressed the digital audience.

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Story :

When the gypsy (Jeeva) is a baby He has to take responsibility for a pass. The whole country is the eternal path He also raises the gypsy-like himself. So both of them travel around the country with a horse (creature). In this order, seeing Vaihida (Natasha Singh), an unknown attraction between the two is born at first sight. Vaihidei's marriage is fixed. The marriage is not like disliked by Vihida and gypsy.

After that, both traveled They will be happy. Vahida's month is missing When she is nearing the delivery time, there are big disturbances. Then, with some unexpected consequences, Gypsy and Vahida split up? Why did they split up? Who are the reasons for this? What is the barrier to their bond? Such things should be seen in this film.

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Plus Points :

Jeeva has done many films as a hero. But no one could bring a scope as a film that brings a special identity after 'Rangam'. But the film has increased the level of acting in Jeeva. Some scenes are good. That is definitely what it brings to the impact.

Jeeva has been stylish in many aspects of the film. His performance is a major highlight of the film. He appeared in a traveler role and showed his acting with small mannerisms. There is no doubt that he has led the entire film to bring the feeling to the viewer who sees the film in many crucial emotional episodes.

Natasha Singh also performed well. As well as the film is in a good emotional role and the way he has made himself a scene with his fine gestures. The songs are visually good. The director has prepared it well. Shiva Kumar and others who have acted in other roles have done justice to their roles.

Minus Points:

The story point in the film as well as the heroine roles are impressive But the film did not go on impressively in terms of storytelling. The film was with a screenplay without logic with fake emotions. But in the first part, some scenes seem to be fun The strong esteem in the film is missing. And some love scenes between the second half heroes are unnecessarily stretched.

Also, some scenes are more dramatic and lack of naturality in the story. New lying in an area... The boy who runs the horse, he falls in love with the class girl, and the girl is also feeling the love due to the drama incidents in the small may, and both of them are the fate of love. His love story has been troubled by the problems of the film, such as the scenes that are not strong.

But in these scenes, the director has also produced good emotion in some places. The director has elevated the content on the screen In some places, he is disappointed. Although the content is still possible to write scenes that produce good emotions, the director does not like to finish the film simply.

Technical Department :

As mentioned earlier, the director has taken a good concept. But he was a little strained to show the concept on the screen. However, he was impressed with some emotion and love sequence and climax and some key scenes. Cameraman camera performance is impressive. The visuals in the film, some shots are very good. The music directors are good. Background music is very impressive in some emotional scenes. The work of the editor is okay.

Verdict :

The film is a travel love story called 'Gypsy' and the film is impressive in terms of concept as well as some emotional scenes and the climax as well as dialogues and key scenes in some places. But the film is not completely interesting. The story is simple, the lack of proper logic in the film, the missing strong conflict in the film, and the silly emotion of many scenes are the weakest of the film. However, the love scenes between heroines, as well as the Jeeva acting are highlighted to the film. But it is better not to watch this movie with a special time waste in this lockdown.


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