Todd Phillips shares more unreleased photos from the Joker shoot - 3Movierulz

copyrightTodd Phillips shares more unreleased photos from the Joker shoot - 3Movierulz

Since the Joker hit theaters, director Todd Phillips has continued to share with his follower's photographs taken during the filming where you can see other angles and the preparation for some of the iconic scenes of this DC movie that departed considerably from what previously seen at Warner Bros. superhero cinema

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Today's images take place in one of the final scenes of the film, possibly one of the most memorable due to the impact of the event that takes place there and what triggers it later.

Joaquin Phoenix appears here in his role as Arthur Fleck prepared to enter the Murray Franklin program, a presenter played by Robert de Niro who ends up being assassinated live by Fleck.

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We see several photographs with Phoenix prepared to come out from the curtain of the program and a last one in which he points a pistol at Franklin, a situation that we all know how it ends.

Joker has been the greatest success in the history of adult-rated cinema and opened a new era of productions geared towards a more mature audience thanks to certain risks that other licenses released from comics have not dared to take in these years. To this day, it remains unclear whether or not a sequel will be worked on.


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