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copyrightNetflix's The Old Guard: How old are the immortals? - 3Movierulz

The film, starring Charlize Theron and adapting the Greg Rucka comics, is now available on the streaming platform of the great Jan.

Andy is a centuries-old warrior who leads a team of people with her same gift: no one can die. So begins The Old Guard, one of Netflix's latest hits. The film, an adaptation of the comics by Greg Rucka - who also serves as a screenplay for the film - is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and features Charlize Theron in the starring role in Andrómaca de Cintia. We recently told you the age of the film's heroine and, now, we are going to talk about the years that the rest of the immortals have.

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The Nile is the youngest of the entire team. Her first death and subsequent resurrection take place during the present in which the film is set. Born in 1994, the character played by KiKi Layne is only 26 years old.


Booker, originally born under the name Sebastien Le Livre, is played by Matthias Schoenaerts (Red Sparrow) and his character is 250 years old. According to his poster, he was born in 1770 and was a soldier who fought under Napoleon's orders but deserted. After his betrayal, he was hanged in 1812 at age 42. That was his first resurrection.


Nicky was born with the name Nicoló De Genoa 951 years ago in Genoa (Italy). Specifically, the character played by Luca Marinelli (Trust), came into the world in 1069, and the first time he died he was almost 30 years old. Nicky fought in the Crusades and fell in love with his enemy Joe.


Yusuf Al-Kaysani, now known as Joe, is the character of Marwan Kenzari and, like his partner Nicky, fought in the Crusades. According to the poster, his year of birth stands at 1066, making him 954 years old. His first death was in his thirties.


The last immortal is Quynh, who is played by Veronica Ngo and who fought alongside Andy for many years. According to the comics, she is approximately 1,500 years old and on the pages written by Rucka, she is known by the name of Noriko. Andy states that he met her at the end of the conquest of Amr ibn al-As of the Byzantine Empire in 642. By then, she had been immortal for a century. Therefore, her birth is dated to early 500 B.C...

As the post-credit scene in The Old Guard advances, if a sequel is to take place, this character would be key in the continuation. The film reveals that she and Andy were accused of witchcraft, and the punishment they imposed on Quynh was to lock her in a sarcophagus and throw her into the sea. For this reason, she was drowning and resurrecting eternally until she managed to escape from her prison.

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On these lines, don't miss the trailer for The Old Guard. The film, which also features Chiwetel Ejiofor and Harry Melling, is now available on Netflix.


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