Mega Power Ram Charan Indirectly Targets Ram Gopal Varma - 3Movierulz

copyrightMega Power Ram Charan Indirectly Targets Ram Gopal Varma - 3Movierulz

Ram Gopal Varma Vs Pawan Kalyan Fans Are In A Range After the election, The story of 'Power Star' started and the controversy was set up. Pawan fans are angry with the release of many controversial posters. Pawan fans attacked the controversy and attacked Varma's office.

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However, Varma has given statements that he will not back down in his 'Power Star' film. In this situation, mega power star Ram Charan Tej has created a post sensation on his social media account from the mega family. 

Ram Charan has shared his still in 'Rangasthalam' stating that "only the news is going to be heard." This pick has become viral in social media in seconds. See this post Ram Gopal Varma is saying useless words and cherry is on him. Pawan Fans are happy to comment on ram charan's punch

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Varma's 'Power Star' movie was released today (July 25) at 11 am at RGV World Theatre. But Pawan fans are releasing another film titled 'Paranagivi' as a competition for the film. Pawan Fans say that the film 'Paranagivi' directed by Nutan Naidu will change Varma and the film is to be made with thorns. So.. See how many more controversies are these two films are going to be welcomed!.


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