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copyrightBheeshma Hero Nithiin Huge Losses In Career And Personal Life - 3Movierulz
Tollywood's young hero Nitin's career continues to be very different from the beginning. Nitin's career success rate is very low with the box office records with Jayam at a young age. However, he is constantly balancing his market. After a long time, he made a huge plan to be professional and not personal. But the plan failed. Nitin's delay is causing unexpected losses with the corona.

Did not work out.
Nitin is now 37. He wanted to get married in thirty years. They also saw the relationship. But it did not work out. The hero has postponed the wedding work due to the result of the films. He wanted to marry before he reached 40 and enjoyed the marriage life.

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Waste all expenses? 
Nitin has planned to get married in Dubai for about three months. The lockdown of the coronavirus was shocked when he was ready for most wedding clothes. The money spent was wasted. Nitin is facing difficulties not only in terms of marriage but also in terms of films.

Three films at once 
Nitin, who gave a gap for a year due to a series of failures, finally came back on track with Bhishma. Immediately he tried to bring three more films to the sets at once. But now the coronavirus has been forced to shoot. This desert wanted to release Nitin Rang.

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In financial losses... 
Venky Atluri directed Rang De and adventure director Chandrashekhar Yelati wanted to finish a film as soon as possible. Andadun rights are also ready. But now things are not understood. On the other hand, the producers are suffering from financial losses. Money was brought to interest and put on films.

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Impact on Remuneration 
Even if the films are finished, the theaters do not appear to open for another year. Even if it is open, there is no guarantee that people will come as before. Finally, there is no possibility of some impact on Nitin's remuneration. Rumors are coming up that Nitin has lost financially in terms of marriage and films.


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