'Stranger Things': Season 4 is going to be 'very epic', according to actor David Harbor

copyright'Stranger Things': Season 4 is going to be 'very epic', according to actor David Harbor

'Stranger Things': Season 4 is going to be "very epic", according to actor David Harbor

The interpreter has also advanced some details about the fate of Hopper in the new episodes.

The plot of season 4 of Stranger Things is one of the best secrets kept under lock and key by Netflix. A few days ago it was confirmed that brothers Matt and Ross Duffer had closed the script for the new episodes, however, details about the story of each of the characters had been reserved. But, as on other occasions, actor David Harbor has gone ahead and affirms that the next installment is going to be "very epic".

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Sheriff Jim Hopper, the character of the interpreter in fiction, has earned the affection of the public and has become one of the essentials in the series. This made the outcome of the third season not to everyone's liking since it was supposed to have been disintegrated. But, as always, Stranger Things always has an ace up its sleeve, and this time it has been the resurgence of this character.

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Despite this, little is known about Hopper. In the second season, he was able to dig deeper into his past with the boxes Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) found in the attic. In them, the protagonist discovers some tapes labeled with words like: 'Dad', 'Vietnam', and 'New York'. But, beyond that, it was not known what was inside them. In this fourth part, Harbor assures that a much darker facet of her character will be discovered:
Every season we see a different side of him. Last season was ... a little crazier, and I loved experiencing it. Now [in season four] it's painted in a slightly darker palette; he can express some of these really profound things that we have ... hinted at with the boxes from the second season

His kidnapping in the Russian prison, which appears in the teaser of Season 4, may bring out a facet of Hooper that we haven't seen so far. Harbor has also anticipated that "monsters, horror, and scares" will return in the next episodes, and to the surprise of its followers, "there is also a great Indiana Jones-like action."


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