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Due to the changing circumstances, there is a huge difference in the business accounting of cinema. There may not have previously been counts as First Day Records and Weekend Collections. Because it is not known when the corona will diminish. Even if the theaters are open, it is not known what the Hungama would be like. That is why some producers are focused on OTT. Part of it was the release of the big movie Penguin.

Keerthi Suresh Craze...
Keerthy Suresh is the only plus point fame for the Penguin film. Lady Oriented film made after Mahanati. However, the biggest curse is the release of the film on OTT. If released in theaters... The South was a huge release. The collections were also in the same range.

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Budget in...
Together, the screening of the Penguin film on a low budget. Except for Keerthi Suresh, the lack of large casting, shooting in one place without having to go anywhere and shooting for a few reasons is a budget deficit. Talk about the total budget of the film has been increased to four crores.

Fancy rate on Amazon...
Given the craze for Keerthi Suresh, Amazon Prime Penguin has offered a good rate for the movie. The talk was first owned by Amazon for 7.5 crores. Amazon then agrees to share the proceeds, depending on the viewership. Amazon has signed a deal with Penguin Producer before the sum of hundreds of thousands of hours.

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Never mind the penguin...
However, the picture of the penguin does not seem to be quite the talk of the town. In the second, the climax remained minus the penguin average, though the first half was over. Penguin Hawa lasted only two to three days after its release.

If all the calculations are done...
As a matter of fact, Satellite Rights Top Channel seems to be getting a better rate. Talk that all the languages ​​are dealt with in the 6 crore range. While Hindi dubbing rights are expected to sell, the business has soared to Rs 13.5 crore, with a budget of over Rs 4 crore, which is estimated to be worth over Rs 9 crore. Even a good rate for Hindi dubbing rights, a huge profit maker with more than 10 crores going into the pocket.


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