'Dark Season 3': trailer for the three seasons of Netflix's series of time jumps

copyright'Dark Season 3': trailer for the three seasons of Netflix's series of time jumps

The new season of the German serial arrives on the streaming platform on June 27

The third and last season of Dark, the successful German Netflix series, arrives on the platform in just over a week, on June 27. For this reason, the streaming service has released a trailer recapitulating the three seasons of the time travel serial created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. From the images of the first disappearances in Widen to the threat of apocalypse looming in the third installment: don't miss the trailer for Dark's three seasons below!

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The third season of Dark will take us to another parallel world in which we discover that Martha (Lisa Vicari) is really the one who has lived through everything that has happened to Jonas (Louis Hofmann) so far. Together they must understand how connected their worlds are, which of the two should continue to exist and what has happened to Martha, who, at the end of the second season of Dark, we saw how she tried to take Jonas to another time and another world.

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The last 10 episodes of Dark, undoubtedly one of the great revelations of the European productions of Netflix, will try to answer the unknowns regarding the characters of Lisa Vicari and Louis Hofmann, and we will also see in these chapters the return of many other faces of the series, such as Karoline Eichhorn, Jordis Triebel, Maja Schone or Oliver Masucci.


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