Rob Liefeld blames Marvel Studios for not having Deadpool 3

copyrightRob Liefeld blames Marvel Studios for not having Deadpool 3

A few months ago Ryan Reynolds claimed to be working with Marvel Studios to imagine how Deadpool would fit into the MCU now that the character is once again owned by Marvel.

At the moment there is no confirmation that the pre-production of Deadpool 3 is real and that the wait is being so long is the fault of Marvel Studios according to Rob Liefeld, creator of this character.

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"I blame Marvel ... I blame Marvel that this has not happened yet. There are reasons why it is not happening. Whatever the reason or if it does not fit into their master plan, they order it. Okay, order it. You know, if Frank Frazzetta was among us, you could say "Frank paints for me."

The author cannot believe that the license is not being used when the two previous films are among the highest-grossing films in the cinema for adults. Altogether they obtained more than 1,500 million being productions of the low budget in comparison with which usually it costs a film of the MCU.

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He went on to make it clear that Marvel has plans for the next three years. "How old am I going to be when this happens? I was thinking 'Mark Ruffalo, Hulk and Deadpool could make a fun movie, but neither of these guys is getting any younger, you know.'

The good guy from Liefeld is going to have to wait, like the rest of us, for Marvel to find the moment and the way to introduce to the MCU a character that does not have it easy to fit into the movies for the whole family that Disney wants to continue carrying. to theaters. The mutilations, offensive language, and other characteristics of Wade Wilson are not exactly the current style of Marvel Studios.


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