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Aside from the big miniature, the two heroes in the same movie are small ego problems common. If some get out .. Others stay secret. But when it comes to superstar Mahesh Babu, Allari Naresh says that this is not the case. The two starred together in the movie Maharishi. Allari Naresh shared his experience with Mahesh Babu on the occasion.

Mahesh has met Mahesh two or three times before becoming a star in the film. Mahesh Babu did not connect with Mahesh Babu. Somewhere between two and three times the cinema functions. There were no major discounts except hello. But Maharishi's film was more time-bound with him.

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In this movie, I will be Ra Ra. First day... Everything was new when shooting at college set up in Dehradun. But once he started his journey with Mahesh Babu. In a word, he is the Respect... He has to learn how to respect everyone. Everyone from a small technician to a big star is called SAR. I am called Sir... The rest of them are called Sir... There is no difference in the calling of that Sir But I have to come back to him repeatedly.

Because I don't even call my friends an ore... So it was a bit embarrassing to be Mahesh. This is why the director has asked for the name of the name, "Orei Anuna", but Vamsi Paidipally conveyed the depth of our two characters to understand. Mahesh reacted very funnily. Do not mind such things as you are.

If someone should talk to a budding artist in the middle of the shooting... Sir, you are very respectful to be a little sidelined. Respect is given to everyone. It's not just about movies. He also respects the films of the outside. He likes films and cricket. Doing so would be good. He has complete knowledge of the film. Every little thing is considered too deadly with complete perfection.

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When a director says a scene, it would be better to do it with different variants. But ultimately it's up to the director to decide. Have a lot of fun. Don't let the serious weather stay. His friendship in the movie Maharishi is emotionally connected. This movie is connected to my real life... Before coming to the industry I had a greater circle of friends. Ali's younger brother Qaheem is my best friend.


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