Watch Amrutharamam Full Movie Will Release Directly In Digital

copyrightWatch Amrutharamam Full Movie Will Release Directly In Digital

The central government has imposed a lockdown as part of its efforts to curb the corona epidemic. As a result of the lockdown, theaters in two states closed. 

People who have lifted the lockdown soon may not know what the prospect of going to a movie theater is. On the other hand, if a film is not released by the time it is due, it will suffer badly. Against this backdrop, producers are trying to release it digitally. 

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As part of Avanti's effort, Amrutharamam will be the first Telugu film to hit the audience. Amrutharamam is directed by K. Surender and produced by SN Reddy. The movie is slated to release on the 29th of this month via the Zee5 App. 

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The unit stated that the special premiere of the film will be at home and viewers can watch it. When it comes to the story of the movie... So far, there have been many pictures of boys who fell in love with the girl, and the storyline of the film shows the girl's agony for the love of the film.


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