Star Wars: A girl has noticed a script hole that has been there for 40 years

copyrightStar Wars: A girl has noticed a script hole that has been there for 40 years

Mark Hamill, very active on social media, has jokingly replied that he preferred to stay on the sidelines.

More than 40 years after the arrival of Episode IV - A New Hope - in theaters, Star Wars continues to excite new generations and these new eyes realize details that, until now, have remained in the shadows. This last week, the musician John Roderick has shared on social networks the recent discovery of his daughter after seeing the saga.

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“R2-D2 has been there throughout history and has never had its memory erased. So why don't you tell Luke that Vader is his father at some point, ”says Roderick?

A script hole that has caused Mark Hamill to be forced to respond, but even the eternal Luke Skywalker - like the little girl's father - has been speechless. "I've read the et tweet’, I've given a lot of thought… Then I've shrugged and left, "writes the franchise veteran.

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But what about R2-D2? Many fans maintain that the android has never seen Anakin Skywalker transform into Darth Vader, therefore he did not know who he really was. "He saw Anakin get off the boat in Mustafar and never came back again," picks up one of the messages. Some go further and point out that this is the reason why he gets so nervous when Luke gets off his X-Wing when he looks for Yoda in Dagobah. He thinks he will disappear in the same way as Anakin.

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Script holes aside, next May 4th is Star Wars Day around the world. You can celebrate by watching the saga once again and enjoying Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a movie that comes to Disney + just that day. Start your 7-day free trial now and get unlimited access to exclusive movies, series, Disney + Originals, and unforgettable classics from the world's best story creators.


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