Shark horror Meg on Netflix: The story continues in Meg 2

copyrightShark horror Meg on Netflix: The story continues in Meg 2

"Meg" with Jason Statham not only blossomed into a hit at the time in the cinema but also runs very successfully at Netflix: The shark actioner currently occupies the top spot in the Netflix top ten. And "Meg 2: The Trench" has long been in the works!

Did you know that the shark horror "Meg" by Jon Turteltaub ("The Legacy of the Knights Templar") is based on a novel? In fact, it is the adaptation of Steve Alten's novel of the same name. And Alten is a hard-working author because he has already followed "Meg" by five other books from the "Meg" series and an e-book, another volume with the title "Meg: Purgatory" is currently in the works.

So there is enough material to have more “Meg” films to follow, and this is far more than just theory: “Meg 2” is already being planned. We'll tell you how the primeval basking shark Megalodon continues in the novel sequel "Meg: The Trench", which should be the basis of the film sequel.

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definitely sounds quite dramatic. Deep-sea diver Jonas Taylor (played in the film by Jason Statham) has to grapple with the baby of the Megalodon lady from the first part this time, and that only sounds sweet at first: Because the shark baby will soon be as big and voracious as it is his mom ...

The female basking offspring with the rather inappropriate name Angel is imprisoned in an artificial lagoon off the coast of California after the death of his mother. There the animal has to be used for the entertainment of tourists. But Angel has no desire for solitary confinement - because soon she will be looking for a partner. She breaks out of the lagoon and searches for a male, leaving a trail of destruction. Now again the services of Jonas Taylor are in demand, who has already managed to conquer such a gigantic animal on the open sea ...

In the other novels by Steve Alten, another prehistoric giant is added, which makes the seas unsafe and even makes the "Carcharodon megalodon" look old - a gigantic Liopleurodon. Now Jonas Taylor has to switch from the Megalodon hunter to Liopleurodon pursuer. In the sea, besides this “Lio”, which belongs to the Pliosaurs, of course, there are still Megs - because Angel's search for a companion was successful and she gave birth to offspring ...

In the meantime, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has already indicated that the screenplay for "Meg 2" may also draw inspiration from the other books by Steve Alten.

So it is quite possible that the films "Meg 2" and possibly then "Meg 3" and "Meg 4" will not slavishly stick to just one volume of the literary template, but will also mix elements. So maybe we can already see the Liopleurodon in "Meg 2".

It is not yet known when “Meg 2” will come to the cinema.


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