Rajamouli Put Prabhas Into Trouble By Releasing His Movie RRR Posters And Videos

copyrightRajamouli Put Prabhas Into Trouble By Releasing His Movie RRR Posters And Videos

Prabhas and Rajamouli are good friends. Yes, it is true but now a work done by Rajamouli is very troubling to Prabhas. 

Rajamouli has released his movie RRR Motion Poster as a Ugadi gift. As it was trending, Ram Charan's birthday came in two days.

Ram Charan released the teaser on March 27th. Rajamouli has satisfied the hunger of fans who have been asking for this movie updates for several days. Now only NTR fans are looking for this movie. Allu Arjun also gave his movie updates. Pushpa, the title of the film, is being directed by Sukumar. The first look at this has come out.

That makes Prabhas fans more cooked up. Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Bunny each give their movie updates. Prabhas is being asked by fans on social media what darling is saying about your film. 

Since he does not have a direct account, he is playing with Yowie Creations. There are even some valentine fans. They have been banned for their creations.

They are saying that their hero movie updates are not saying anything. Even though the film has been shooting for a year, at least so far there is not a single photo. No first look.

Prabhas, on the other hand, now is not the time. Rajamouli is the director of the film, who has taken full publicity to his film, using the lockdown conditions as a whole.

Now, Prabhas fans want to keep him up to date on what he has done. However, Prabhas is now head over heels with Rajamouli's work.


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