The New Black Widow trailer: do we already know the villain from another MCU film?

copyrightThe New Black Widow trailer: do we already know the villain from another MCU film?

Black Widow will be the first Marvel blockbuster in 2020 after the Infinity Saga, double degree, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. There will also be some references to the MCU past - possibly also with the villain.

With "Black Widow" Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) finally gets her own solo adventure, in which the spy is confronted with her past. The main storyline of the film is between "The First Avenger: Civil War" and "Avengers 3: Infinity War" and is thus a kind of prequel to the latest MCU adventures that have brought the so-called "Infinity Saga" to a close,

Instead of a sequel to "Avengers 4: Endgame" we get an intermediate story, which will also have some links to the surrounding films. And after the new Super Bowl trailer, there is reason to suspect that this also affects the mysterious villain Taskmaster, behind whom an already known figure could hide ...

The starting point for the new Taskmaster speculations is a scene in the said preview, in which we see the masked villain picking up a shield (not unlike Captain America) with his foot - in the same way as Cap (Chris Evans) who did after the famous elevator scene in "The Return Of The First Avenger" aka "Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier".

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The taskmaster is known in the Marvel comic templates for being able to perfectly copy his opponents' fighting styles, which is why he is such a tough adversary for the heroes. His handling of the shield now suggests that he had fought Captain America before.

Could be behind the taskmaster mask someone who has already met Cap in another MCU film, maybe someone present in the said "Winter Soldier" elevator scene and saw Cap Schild-Move first-hand and can he imitate it now? At least the latter can actually be ruled out because the Hydra men who put on their caps there were already knocked out when he picked up his shield.

Also, the most prominent (and therefore the most exciting for such a twist), Brock Romlow alias Crossbones (Frank Grillo), has already clearly blessed the time in "Civil War" and can therefore hardly be the taskmaster ( unless it comes from one of the many alternative universes that will be introduced in the upcoming Marvel phase 4).

Does the TASKMASTER unite all AVENGERS fighting styles?
However, Cap may not have used the special method of lifting his shield just once. In any case, it would also be conceivable that the taskmaster either came across him during one of Cap's other missions that were not shown in the films, or that he (or she) only study the movements second-hand - for example via video recordings Has.

The taskmaster may still have some connection to S.H.I.E.L.D., which means that he even got recordings of Cap's elevator fight. Such combat recordings should also be freely available in abundance in the MCU world - and not only from Captain America, but also from the other Avengers, which should ultimately make the taskmaster very dangerous.

As the previous trailers have already promised, the taskmaster also has Black Widows fighting skills in stock and can probably deal with a bow in a similar way to Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Maybe there will be copies of other Avengers movements in the film.

But the rumor persists that the true identity of the taskmaster could be one of the women who went through the same tough agent program in Russia as Natasha and has an almost family relationship with her. Should this prove to be the case, we believe that Melina, played by Rachel Weisz as the taskmaster, is more likely than Yelena, played by Florence Pugh.

Natasha has a sisterly connection to the latter, which she apparently still honors even after the events of the film. So it can be seen in the Super Bowl trailer above that Yelena wears the same dark green vest with which we saw Natasha in the later "Avengers: Infinity War". So may Yelena even sacrifice herself for her “sister” in “Black Widow”?

In any case, it is a fact that a big secret has been made so far about who is in the Taskmaster costume so that in this context we are definitely expecting some kind of disclosure (and probably not just the Taskmaster comic alter ego Anthony Masters will be in the suit). We will then know more in about three months at the latest.


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