Pressure Cooker Movie Review: Pressure Cooker - Slow America Dream Drama!

copyrightPressure Cooker Movie Review: Pressure Cooker - Slow America Dream Drama!

Release Date: February 21, 2020 Rating: 2.5 / 5

Cast: Sai Ronak, Preethi Asrani, Tanikella Bharani, Rahul Ramakrishna, Sangeetha, Narasimha Rao, etc.

Directed by: Sujoy and Sushil

Producers: Sushil Subhash, Appi Reddy

Music: Sunil Kashyap, Rahul Cipliganj, Smaran, Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Sai Roanoke - Sushil directed by Sree Rohnak - Preity Ashrani is a new upcoming film with a funny title and good concept. The film was released today. Let's go back to the review of the film and the extent to which it impressed audiences.

Kishore (Sai ​​Ronak) From an early age, his father Narayana (SVL Narasimha Rao) was trying to boast that his son had gone to America to send Kishore to America. But no matter how many attempts Kishore makes, the US will not get a visa. So come to his friends staying in Hyderabad saying that the visa efforts are not listening to everyone's comments. This is how he becomes acquainted with Anita (Preity Asrani). That introduction turns into love.

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In the meantime, Kishore will be visas renewed respectively. He gets caught in an accident. To get out of it, he invents a device that is useful for pregnant women. His life will change. Visa is coming. But his way of thinking changes in the form of Anand Rao (Tanikella Bharani). Did Kishore travel to America at the behest of his father? Or not? And how did Kishore and Anita's love story go? Were they finally alone? Or? If you want to know more about the film on the silver screen.

Plus Points:
In the name of the film, there is a pressure cooker. The heroine of the film, Sai Ronak, has been reduced to his role ... Impressed with his realistic acting, he has been the highlight of the film. He performed very well as an actor with a few key scenes as well as an elastic track with the heroine or the climax scene.

Preity Ashra, who played the heroine in some love scenes, was also impressed by the appearance of Avila in the film. Tanikella Bharani, who played the role of an emotional, was also excellent. Along with Rahul Ramakrishna, who also stars as Hero Friends, another actor is also well entertained with his comedy timing. The story point taken by the directors is good. Some of the love scenes they wrote were also good. As well as Main... The Love Track and some dialogues between the hero heroines are impressive.

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Minus Points:
The directors started the film as interesting... Then diverted the story with interesting scenes. More and more unnecessary scenes are over. All of those scenes over and over. But the theme of the two directors, although some love scenes seem to be worthless. The narrative is not particularly impressive. Also, the second half is slow and boring.

Overall a good storyline in the film... The line of play was not quite as impressive as the screenplay. Also, the content of the film could not be better elevated. Also, the drama surrounding the hero is weakened by the weakness of the events. It would be nice if you could pay close attention to the con filter in the script.

Technical Section:
Speaking of technicians .. Background music provided by the music director just seemed the same. His backstory score for the heroine's love story is worthless. If the editing is good or if the second half is still the title, the movie is a plus. The cinematography is also impressive. The visuals in the love scenes were very natural to him. The production values ​​practiced by the producers are low.

Despite the good point and good message in the film, the film is not impressive. But Sai Ronak, the hero, is a good result. Sai Ronak has proven himself to be a hero with his acting and manners in the film. The directors, however, were not impressed. Though they were impressed with the story theme and some love scenes .. Overall, the film was not interesting. They fail to write well. It remains to be seen how well this film will stand at the box office.


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