Star Wars 9: The Rise Skywalkers a new TV trailer after another lets fans puzzle

copyrightStar Wars 9: The Rise Skywalkers a new TV trailer after another lets fans puzzle

Disney shoots out to "Episode 9: The Rise Skywalkers" a new TV trailer after another. Fans are watching - and wondering what the dagger in Rey's hand is about in the latest spot.

No one has the exact overview of how many TV trailers have chased Disney over the past few days about "Star Wars 9: The Ascension of Skywalker" by the broadcasters and the Internet For those who enjoy snippets of new material but the videos worthwhile. Here, for example, we see the first clear shot of a mysterious dagger in Rey's hand:

If you do not want to know anything about "Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker," you better stop reading now. Without spoiling too much, we can tell you that this dagger is an old Sith weapon, ours Heroes in the film takes an important step forward.

Attention, now follow likely spoilers based on alleged leaks to the plot:

Reddit users Jedi practice and the reliable Jason Ward of Making Star Wars have now leaked most of the plot of "Star Wars 9" - but of course, that's true, we do not know because we have not seen the movie yet. However, there are pictures in the previous trailers, which were previously described only in these probable leaks, like the dagger.

This dagger belonged to a killer who had to do with the Sith. It is important because the inscription leads to the location of a signpost on the ruins of the Second Death Star. This guide, in turn, tells Rey & Co. where the Emperor hid. Our heroes are in "Star Wars 9" on a scavenger hunt that leads straight to the root of all evil.

"Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker" launches on December 18, 2019, in theaters.


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