Sarileru Neekevvaru Dang Dong Song: Mahesh Babu's New Steps Fans Full Meals

copyrightSarileru Neekevvaru Dang Dong Song: Mahesh Babu's New Steps Fans Full Meals

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a musical hit. His film albums are great. They also have good fast beats. However, there is criticism that Mahesh Babu's dance is always the same. That's why he changed his style. Got up with the newest steps. Fans have provided full meals.

Sarileru Neekevvaru is an upcoming film starring Mahesh Babu and Rashmi Mandana as the heroines. Released on January 11, the film has huge expectations. Mahesh Babu's fans are looking forward to the movie. The teaser of the film has already been released. Devi Shree's songs were mixed. Fans say Super Hit Songs. The average music lover only has a lip on Devi tunes.

However, the recently released Sarileru Neekevvaru title song impressed everyone. Notably, the lyrics provided by Deveshree Prasad and Shankar Mahadevan's singing are excellent. But, the latest release of 'Dong Dong' is making the song forget all the songs released so far. Devi hooked up with such a good modern beat. Ramajogaya Shastri provided the trendy lyrics. Mixed in Hindi and Telugu. Nakash Aziz and Lavitha Lobo sang the song with super energy.

Another highlight of this song is Bilkey Beauty Tamanna. She is accompanied by Mahesh Babu in this song. There is no need to be specific about Tamanna dancing. However, she is equally a superstar in this song. Filming and dancing are all new since Shekhar is the master choreography. Mahesh gave a good party song as a New Year gift to his fans.


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