`Ruler` Twitter Review: Only for fans!

copyright`Ruler` Twitter Review: Only for fans!

Actress Lion Nandamuri Balakrishna is a film ruler directed by Tamil director KS Ravikumar as Balakrishna's hero. Sonal Chauhan opposite Balakrishna and Jayasudha, Bhumika and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. Chirrantan Bhatt composed the music. Fans have been hoping for this film as Balayya's previous films were a horrendous result for the NTR story and Mahanayaka films.

Balakrishna and KS Ravikumar have made a positive buzz on the film with the release of the talk about their last film Jaisimha. Accordingly, even Balayya was ready to make fans look different in the look. As a stylish businessman and mass police officer, he was ready to show two variations of the film. However, this look also got a divide talk. The film, which had huge expectations among fans, came out in front of the audience on Friday.

Ruler premieres have already been shown in the US. Most of the Telugu states have been bustling from Midnight. Those who have seen the film have expressed their views on social media. Divide Talk is coming to the film so far. Other fans are reporting negative if the fans say Balayya Energy Super. In the film, Balayya elevation scenes and action scenes are super fans.

In the first half, the song 'Balayya Energy Super'. The theaters are whistling for this song.

In the second half, the director is disappointed that the director is disappointed. Boring, especially with the routine story and taking. There is also the view that the legacy scenes will bother audiences in the second half. Others are of the view that the film is utterly disappointing. There is nothing else in the film other than Balayaa Energy.

Balayya Cinema is a one-man show. This is why no one else reacts so much to the other characters' scenes. Overall Ruler's Twitter talk shows that this time too, the boy is disappointed. Audience of what is not in the film except for the mass action and punch dialogues of the Balayya Mark routine.


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