Review: Software Sudheer Telugu Movie Review in Movierulz

copyrightReview: Software Sudheer Telugu Movie Review in Movierulz

Cast: Sudigali Sudheer, Thanka Balakrishna, Sayaji Shinde, Indraja etc.
Editing by: Gautam Raju
Music: Bhims
Producer: Shekhar King
Director: Rajasekhar Pulicharla

Sudigali Sudheer is a comedian from the Jabardasth comedy show. The film is a craze somewhere unknown. And did he meet those expectations? So far, Jabardasth comedians have not succeeded as heroes and Sudhir has achieved it ..?

The story:
Sudheer (Sudigali Sudheer) is a software employee. Chandi changes her name to not being married. This is how his co-worker (Thanka Balakrishna) is introduced. He falls in love with her. They both want to get married. But at the same time, there are some unexpected events in Chandu's life. If horoscope shows some errors in it. Swamiji says that Shani's influence on him is a yam. Chandu's father (Sayaji Shinde) works as a PA with the Minister. The thieves make Rs. What Chandu did. The story of how the hero hit that 1000 crore scam.

Sudheer is a Jabardast comedian. He also did minor roles in films. But now everything is in shock after becoming a hero. Sudheer came in while using his craze. Sudheer is not happy to become a hero, but the story of the story.

Sudheer did not know whether he would get out of the craze on television, whether it was just a paycheck or what the story was. Software Sudheer is more like a comedy than a movie like this. The film is set in motion with the screenplay not knowing where the story goes, while Jabardast jokes without logics.

What did the original director Rajasekhar Pulicharla say? Sudheer also made Jabardast jokes here from the first scene. If the original story begins then the original story is gone. Somewhere beginning .. mantras tantras in the secondhand farmers, their suicides went somewhere.

A movie without a head-tail is not a comedy or a workout. The plus of this whole film is that it is only Sudheer dances. Sudheer as an actor and still want to improve ..? If Jabardast shared that silver cat did not work out yet .. Sudheer did the same.

Fausta all the time with such jokes. In the horoscope, the name of Ali in the name of the fault of the horoscope, Ali gave the prophecy of the director. Even the second flash does not even understand what the original flashback is. The climax ended the suffering of the peasants. Ghadar also put the song in the middle. Director Rajasekhar said that it was taken away.

Sudheer Parlendi... Not as a hero, but as an actor there seems to be nothing. But Ravi Teja and Rajinikanth unknowingly imitated Sudheer. Thanka Balakrishna was impressed with the glamor show. Sayaji Shinde, Indraja and Sivaprasad... They feel as if they are not.

Technical Team:
Bhim's music was not impressed at all. The song is beautiful, but the sound of Sudheer dances. Senior Editor Gautam Raju Editing Scissors Most Week. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes. Cinematography is no exception. Director Rajasekhar Pulicharla's story is very old. The screenplay would have been better if it had been written well but it didn't. The director has to know how to distribute 1000 crores of scam to a small child without having to work with the original logic. Scenes like that are very much in the movie. Producer Shekhar Raju also tried his luck as an actor. Construction values ​​are worthless.

Finally one last:
Software Sudheer Movie: Light comedy without logic

Rating: 1.5 / 5


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