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copyrightMathu Vadalara Movie Review in Movierulz

Star Cast: Sri Simha Koduri, Satya, Atula Chandra, Naresh Augusta, Vennela Kishore

Director: Ritesh Rana

The year 2019 once again reminded audiences that small films can come with something new. While the pictures with the newcomers were appreciated by the audience, Mathu Vadalara made a good craze before the release. The teasers and posters were impressive, but more hype was created with director Rajamouli and music director Kiravani Compound. The movie, which came out on December 25 with similar features, let's know how the audience got Mathu Vadalara.

The story of Mathu Vadalara
Babu Mohan (Sri Simha Koduri) is a delivery boy. Babu Mohan is a young man with some kind of frustration with his roommate Esudas (comedian Satya) and Abhi (Agastya) in a tight room. With the advice of his roommate Esudas (comedian Satya), the customer (Pawla Shyamala) will cheat .. O Murder becomes part of the event. Also, Rs 50 lakhs come in handy.

Drowsy twists
How did Babu Mohan become involved in the murder? How does Babu Mohan cheat a customer as a delivery boy? Did Babu Mohan really kill the customer? What is Sherlock's role in this story? How does Satya Comedy sync with Murder Mystery like this? How did the roles of Vennela Kishore and Brahmaji become crucial in this film? The film is an answer to questions about how Babu Mohan's efforts to finally get out of the murder case have succeeded.

Mathu Vadalara Fastaf Review
Fausta's story begins with the sentiments of contemporary youth. The story begins with Babu Mohan trying to cheat the customers who are working hard and finding the right reward. With the entry of Pavala Shyamala, the story's tone changes. The scenes with the episode of Pavala Shyamala are chakraka. And the fact that Satya Comedy is out of work makes entertainment even more Josh. On the subway, Rohini Television Serial on Telugu Serials Epic episodes become a relief in the movie.

Mathu Vadalara Secondhand Review
The whole story of Mathu Vadalara is packed in a second. Murder episodes, elements of drugs can thrill the viewer. Unexpected twists share a new feel. Concept-based, the film features cinematography, graphics work and background score as feel-good elements. Some of the twists in the story are of interest to the viewer. The end of anesthesia with a fun-style climax becomes a positive thing.

Director Ritesh Talent
Director Ritesh Rana's point and how he led the story mirrored his directorial talent. The design of the scenes. The comedy-filled aspect of the film helped to turn the film into a commercial one. Ritesh Talent is an example of how a short film has been turned into a movie. The way the characters were written and the way they chose them mirrored the director's maturity. Ritesh has ample opportunities to become a commercial director.

Casting Performance
Keeravani's son Sri Simha Koduri, who is newly introduced to Telugu, is impressed with his performance. Sherlock was impressed with the abysmal look, body language. Comedian is a filmmaker. There is no doubt that Satya has carried a large part of the film on her shoulders. Satya, who is already well-recognized, will be joining the list of star comedians. Satya dominated the film with her body language, dialogue delivery, and getups. Allari Naresh, Pavala Shyamala, Brahmaji, Ajay and Atula Chandra have done justice to their roles.

Variety story, new ideas, new actors, songs, the latest experiment without the heroine will not get drunk. The old-fashioned widening of the content is new. A youthful film that combines the theme of drugs mafia with contemporary youth, youth, Amazon, Flipkart delivery boys. Sharing a good feeling for the viewer. Good success if you reach all classes.

Strengths and weaknesses
Plus Points True Comedy Direction Technical Values ​​Recording Secondhand Minus Points First Staff Stretching


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