Bhagya Nagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review

copyrightBhagya Nagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review

Bhagya Nagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review:- Srinivas Reddy's directorial and producer-turned-film comedian, the comedian of the movie. Its a caption is a good Rasagullah movie. Expectations for the film are due to a good-looking title and a good-looking trailer. How did the movie come out in front of the audience today ?, how impressed ?, did Srinivasaraddy get a promotion as a hit director? Or not? Let's see.

Bhagya Nagara Veedhullo Gammathu story:

Srinu (Srinivasa Reddy), Satya (Jojo), Shakalaka Shankar (Peter) are three good friends. Acting for all three is like. Trying for opportunities in the absence of financial support. The demo shoot is offered as a chance to play on a youtube channel. However, the YouTube channel says that if there is even a girl in the short film, it will work well, and the hunt for the beautiful girl. Eventually, a mad girl named Kokila (Dolly Shaw) fixes up and she is taken to the short film director.

Meanwhile, Srinuki gets two crore prize money in the Bhutan lottery. But, the ticket is not visible. Srinu, Jojo and Peter Drugs are caught in the case as they go to look for that ticket. Police Officer Swatantriya Kumar (Vennela Kishore) arrests them. In the meantime, the insane cuckoo comes out of that short film office and walks the streets. What happened to the three friends in the case? What happened to the cuckoo story? Must watch the film.

Being a comedian director and making a movie is what anyone would expect from a movie. The title also has a little fun touch. However, Srinivasa Reddy's slightly old-fashioned sense of humor has chosen the story with a scope. Using his many years as a comedian, Tana made a screenplay with Judgment. Comedians gang in the industry are familiar with Srinivasa Reddy, all of them have been given roles in the body language.

So far, well. But this is where the director's original task begins. At the stage of the script, the content that seemed to be a comedy, as well as the audience, should also make it feel like a comedy. However, in that task, Srinivasa Reddy failed. Originally chosen zoner comedy, so the story and the story aside, the scene and the couscous comedy in every scene. But a kind of comedy titled .. not a variety of the kind of cinema made.

Imitations, the spoofs of other films, the popular dialogues that are told by others are brought into the film. The big story in the film is a matter of comedy cultivation and storytelling to the side of the story has two big tasks. Loud comedy, supposed to be a workout up to Gustaf, has become a complete miss fire. Also, the elastic narrative without Talatoka made the First Half intolerable. So many comedians on-screen are laughing.

Rasagulla in the caption put into the film makes an entry in the second half. But the second half is so good that the first half is completely disappointing. Along with it, Shankar's comedy in the Eddabandi spoof is a no-brainer. Hyper Adi blows up two to three parts and feels okay for his role. The second half, however, lasts for a long time at the police station. Rasagullah comedy at the beginning of Satya feels good at first. But if Rasagullah eats too much, the film will be a comedy repeat of the same comedy repeats. It's hard to enjoy the comedy in its entirety.

The climax also ends with a brief twist that says Shara is normal. Scenes that comedy on paper seem to be poor on screen. Comedy is a somewhat relaxing factor, a workout out there in the second half. The heroine's character is trimmed but there is no damage to the film. Because of this character, the film has nothing to do with it. Srinivasa Reddy, a comedian who succeeds as a director, fights completely.

Strong comedians such as Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, and Vennela Kishore are not in good hands. Along with it, the short films and the jokes that Alredi has seen on social media, are even more irritating to those themes. The rest of the technicians supported the film as much as they could. With the title, Srinivasa Reddy and Team failed to meet the expectations created with the trailer. All in all, this is like a sweet Rasagullah.

Bhagya Nagara Veedhullo Gammathu Rating 2/5


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