Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu Review

copyrightAmma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu Review

Ram Gopal Varma's controversial film based on the roles of prominent figures in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. The film was made as a serial entertainer, targeting the roles of some prominent politicians. The censor board issued a certificate on Wednesday evening amid dramatic developments over whether the film will be released. Overall, the film came out in front of the audience on Thursday.

The RCP will win the Lokayukta Party (VDP) in the 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh. Jagannath Reddy will form the government with 151 seats. Babu and his son Chinababu, the party leader who lost power, see that the party leaders are unable to divert defeat and hurt the government. CM Jagannath Reddy, on the other hand, is growing in popularity.

It is in this backdrop that Babu's most trusted confidant, Dayanani, is making serious allegations against the Rama government and the CM. They are creating evidence to undermine the public's confidence in the pics. To this end, people in the Bezawada Benz Circle are watching the massacre and killing some people. Who actually committed this murder? Was CM's hand behind this murder? Otherwise, the opposition has committed this murder? That is a movie.

Director Siddhartha Tatolu has shown on the screen a fictional story based on the aftermath of the 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh. Until the pre-interval, the story we knew was centrally and entertainingly shown. Audiences will surely enjoy the entertainment that is cultivated with those characters if known. The story revolves around the murder of Dayaneni Rama in the interval bang. The interest in what happens afterward grows in the viewer.

The director's interest in the creation of Interval could not continue in the second half. The familiar story was well screened but .. the fiction was not well adapted. The scenes in the secondhand are boring. However, in the middle of the attempt to bring down the PP Jal in the field. The story revolves around Dayanai Rama, but in the end, it is not said who committed the murder. It was presented as a political assassination. The film revolved around politics.

Every character in the film is very interesting. In each role, we see the reflections of celebrities in current politics. Ram Gopal Verma, who searched so many artists, could not help but appreciate his disciple Siddhartha Tatolu. However, the dubbing told to them is a bit embarrassing. The dubbing for minor characters is very good but .. dubbing for the main characters seems a bit embarrassing.

Pranay Kalyan's role as Manasena Party is only set to be settled. He was not heavily involved in the story. Two or three dialogues appear occasionally and go away. If the role of Brahmanandam is given only one dialog. That too at the end of the movie. Ali sighed as the speaker approached. Nice laughs. In the role of PP Jaal, Ramu shows his universe. He is well known for dubbing himself. Dhanraj, Swami Mahesh and Swapna have all played their roles.

Technically, the film has been released in high quality. The camera work, in particular, is great. Vijayawada City Drone Shots are awesome though. Dialogues are also well written as a better cycle. The background music provided by Ravi Shankar is excellent. The construction values ​​are good.

Overall, Ram Gopal Verma & Co has provided a Telugu audience with controversial content. Verma has also conveyed righteousness through the film. Verma himself said that the only thing that people need in politics, media or cinema is the mobile phone.


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