After "Wonder Woman 2": Story for "Wonder Woman 3" stands and an Amazon spin-off comes

copyrightAfter "Wonder Woman 2": Story for "Wonder Woman 3" stands and an Amazon spin-off comes

At the Brazilian comic-con CCXP the first trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984", as "Wonder Woman 2" is officially called, celebrated its premiere. But director Patty Jenkins thinks ahead.

Currently, the network talks about the "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer, which fueled the anticipation of the theatrical release of the sequel to "Wonder Woman" on June 4, 2020, powerful, but the makers are thinking further - much further.

As Patty Jenkins confirmed in interviews with, among others, the industry magazines Deadline and Hollywood Reporter on the sidelines of the CCXP, the stories already stand for two more films.


Jenkins explained that you already have the complete story for "Wonder Woman 3". Will this Diana then bring it to the present? That a third movie will not play in the past, made Jenkins, at least in earlier remarks already more than clear. Of course, the filmmaker did not name any details.


Also, Jenkins revealed that there should be a spin-off around the Amazons of the island Themyscira - and here is the story already. Whether Gal Gadot himself is involved, Jenkins did not reveal but hinted at the possibility between the lines.


However, we should not expect both movies too soon. It's about finding out when to make these films. She did not want to shoot them both in one go after shooting "Wonder Woman" and "Wonder Woman 1984" very fast in a row.

They also think that maybe it would be a good idea to gain some distance and do something completely different in between. Leading actress Gal Gadot also wants to take on a few other roles between her many appearances as a Wonder Woman.

First of all, "Wonder Woman 2" will be released anyway. In addition to the first trailer mentioned above, the CCXP even showed a version that is a minute longer and includes more action with Kristen Wiig as villain Cheetah (and the first look at her in costume).

The Indian theatrical release of "Wonder Woman 1984" is as I said on June 4, 2020.


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