That's why there is no post-credit scene in "Joker"

copyrightThat's why there is no post-credit scene in "Joker"

"Joker" is an unusual superhero movie. Accordingly, director Todd Phillips has also decided against a traditional credits scene or a gag after the credits. But lead actor Joaquin Phoenix had another idea ...

Do not worry, in this text, there are NO spoilers for "Joker"!

Since the MCU, they seem just as natural to superhero films as striking costumes: the post-credit scenes, thanks to which the majority of viewers stay in the cinema until the end of the credits. Or, in other words, everyone expects Samuel L. Jackson to drop by again, as Wade Wilson puts it in Deadpool.

"Joker" by Todd Phillips as a psychological drama, however, is a completely different kind of comic book adaptation. The director now told GamesRadar + why his project has no post-credit scene.


Similar to James Mangold's "Logan", Phillips is forced to comment on "Joker" as a cultural phenomenon in the post-credit scene. He also reveals an interesting alternative proposal from lead actor Joaquin Phoenix:

"The idea of ​​a post-credits scene in this movie would feel wrong to me and a little too carefree. We would not have done that. But Joaquin [Phoenix] said it would be fun to put a fool next to the names they used to make ".

It is quite questionable how serious this statement is to take to the outtakes. On the one hand, it is understandable that Phillips did not want to spoil the tone of his film - which at least deals with topics such as mental or neurological disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and childhood trauma - with a light-hearted closing scene. On the other hand, outtakes and mistakes in this regard would have been even more disturbing.

Either way, neither post-credit scene nor outtakes have made it into the traditionally boring credits of the controversial psycho-drama. So you can finally get out of the cinema a little earlier in this comedy film. Even though we are of course basically in favor of sitting down to the end of the credits in every film - regardless of whether it's a superhero blockbuster or an indie drama.

"Joker" has been playing in Indian cinemas since October 2, 2019.


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