The first teaser confirmed: Netflix hit "Stranger Things" gets 4th season!

copyrightThe first teaser confirmed: Netflix hit "Stranger Things" gets 4th season!

It was a mere formality, but now streaming giant Netflix has officially made it: The mystery hit "Stranger Things" gets a 4th season. This was announced with a first teaser video.

On July 4, 2019, the third season of the successful Netflix series "Stranger Things" was released - and as in the two years before, the Mystery series was streamed by millions of fans worldwide. This and the end of Cliffhanger left no doubt that the streaming company will produce a fourth season, but so far that has not been confirmed. There were a few small residual doubts so. But these are now finally eliminated, with a first short teaser video Netflix now officially announced that a fourth season "Stranger Things" will come:

Apart from "Stranger Things 4" in the iconic red retro letters, the video reads only one sentence: "We left Hawkins". This should finally be clear what already suspected after the third season anyway: The upcoming episodes will play largely outside the small village Hawkins, in which (apart from an episode in the second season) actually the whole plot played the series.

With a release of the fourth and then probably last season "Stranger Things", we can expect in the summer of 2020.


It remains unclear how many seasons are still waiting for us. It has been said from the beginning that "Stranger Things" is designed for four or at most five seasons. And the announcement that has now been made raises hope that there will actually be two more seasons: Netflix usually announces that it will be over after a final season extension. The fact that it only means that a fourth season is coming, would mean in reverse that we have to say goodbye to Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Co. in 2021.


Behind the serial phenomenon are the Duffer Brothers, who act as showrunners, who wrote scripts for many episodes and also directed some of them. And as announced in the course of the official announcement of the fourth "Stranger Things" -Staffel also, they will not be boring in the coming years: namely, Netflix has concluded with them a deal, according to which they exclusively for several years, films and series for the streaming giants.


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