The Batman: Christian Bale has urgent practical tips for Robert Pattinson

copyrightThe Batman: Christian Bale has urgent practical tips for Robert Pattinson

"Dark Knight" Christian Bale knows the physical burden of the Batman role. As for his direct successor Ben Affleck, he also has somewhat curious advice for life as a bat for Robert Pattinson ...

When asked what advice Christian Bale wanted to give his Batman successor, Robert Pattinson, on the road, he answers exactly what he already passed on to Ben Affleck years ago. A pearl of timeless wisdom, it seems, to which Bale, during his time as Dark Knight, has come up with the hard way: "Be able to pee alone!"

In an interview with Variety, the Brit along with Matt Damon, with whom he competed there the common racing film "Le Mans 66 - Against Any Chance", commented on the replacement of the iconic DC hero and both men expressed their admiration, Pattinson. When the question of advice was asked, Bale responded with the conviction of a man who knows very well what seemingly trivial pitfalls can turn out to be true adversaries. "You do not really feel like a superhero when you can not even piss alone," says Bale.


Bale himself had to fight hard in his time, namely, to need help in the performance of his needs. A circumstance that is also familiar to its predecessors. So Val Kilmer complained long after his active Batman time in Late Night Talk with Conan O'Brien (via Huffpost) "You need help getting dressed, it takes you about 45 minutes to take you off. You need help to go to the bathroom. You do not hear anything anymore ... and when you call for help, nobody comes. "

Incidentally, Ben Affleck is said to have been unable to follow Bale's advice and see to it that a zipper is built into his bat-suit. According to the British gossip Daily Star, the set of "Batman V Superman" had to fight his urge to urinate, because the entire production had to be interrupted for a long time, whenever the actor went to the toilet. George Clooney, on the other hand, eased his way through the screen-shot as he filmed his costume.

When "The Batman" appears and how lead actor Robert Pattinson on the set must go to the toilet, is not known.


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