The alternative ending of 'Toy Story 4' could have been more painful

copyrightThe alternative ending of 'Toy Story 4' could have been more painful

Last June, the last installment of the saga was released, where we saw Woody and Bo Peep embark on an adventure together.

The final outcome of the Toy Story saga was released last June. In this chapter, we discovered what had happened to Pastor Bo Peep, who disappeared in the third installment. So we learned that Peep had lived a real adventure when he left Andy's house and had become a warrior who knew how to manage on his own.

In the final scene, Woody decides to join his partner and say goodbye to Buzz and the rest of his friends. As we see in the movie, the two characters work looking for owners for toys that have been abandoned, so they will never have to depend on the affection of a single child. Now, Entertainment Weekly has had access to the extra content and has discovered that Pixar had prepared an alternative ending much more painful than what we saw.

In this outcome, Bo Peep meets a child in the store with which he immediately connects and is chosen to go home with him. Although during the film the pastor has claimed independent life, in this scene she would realize that, in the end, she just wanted to be loved again. Woody would have to say goodbye to his partner once again and accept that it has become a secondary toy when he returns with Bonnie.

This ending has several errors. In the first place, it would have gone against what Bo Peep defends during the whole film, so it would have been useless what they had told us in the previous hour and a half. On the other hand, it is the saddest option for the cowboy's destiny and he would assume that he would not have advanced anything in his path. Despite his attempts, he would have to settle for never being the star toy again.

The Toy Story 4 Blu-ray and DVD will go on sale next October 23.


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