So crazy goes on in "Suicide Squad 2" by James Gunn on

copyrightSo crazy goes on in "Suicide Squad 2" by James Gunn on

The sequel to the DC villain movie "Suicide Squad" is supposed to pop right. For this Warner has the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" director James Gunn committed, which will stage, inter alia, a walking shark.

"Suicide Squad" went well at the box office, but you could not really be satisfied with Warner's director David Ayer's villainous good story: Behind the scenes, there was plenty of hiccup during production, critics liked the DC Filming in the majority not and also the audience reacted in general by no means enthusiastic. For the second part, which will be released in cinemas in 2021, the creative team has been replaced: James Gunn, who has just had time for his intermittent expulsion from Disney, is responsible for the direction and script of "The Suicide Squad".


Officially, the movie is not called "Suicide Squad 2", because it is supposed to connect a bit to the predecessor (Margot Robbie, for example, plays the playful-crazy Harley Quinn again), but the signs are more like a fresh start. Anyone who has not watched "Suicide Squad" should still find their way - and especially because of James Gunn come to the movies. With his two previous "Guardians Of The Galaxy" cartoon films, he has earned the reputation to stage odd characters witty yet empathetic.

So Gunn is just the man for a story where convicted villains are sent on a mission they're unlikely to survive. Gunn has to get a tightrope walk: The audience should already notice that the troupe consists of bad ladies and guys, they should have something to laugh at, but at the end of the day just sympathize.


The plot of "Suicide Squad 2" protects James Gunn as Star-Lord his Walkman, but at least we know who will play along: In addition to Margot Robbie are the current state and u. a. the returnees Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. "Thor 3" director and comedian Taika Waititi should also be involved, presumably as a very funny fellow, and Idris Elba, presumably as a very cool pig. A special highlight, however, should be comedian Steve Agee: He speaks the Fiesling King Shark. This is muscular, on two legs running shark.

"Suicide Squad 2" should start in August 2021 in our cinemas. 


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