Jurassic World 3: Colin Trevorrow has announced a short film in the "Jurassic" universe.

copyrightJurassic World 3: Colin Trevorrow has announced a short film in the "Jurassic" universe.

The director of "Jurassic World 3" Colin Trevorrow has announced a short film in the "Jurassic" universe. The title "Battle At Big Rock" does not imply a peaceful coexistence between dinosaurs and humans.

"These beings were here long before us. And if we are not careful, even after us. " With this concluding speech of the cult figure Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) ends the most recent Dino film "Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom", in which the giant lizards finally march to freedom and thus usher in a new era for humanity.

It's also these words about a new era of dinosaur-human coexistence that the director of the upcoming Jurassic World trilogy Colin Trevorrow used to announce a Jurassic short called Battle At Big Rock via Twitter. "Battle At Big Rock" will be shown long before "Jurassic World 3", on September 15, 2019, on the FX channel in the US.


The scriptwriter for the Dino short film will be Emily Carmichael ("Pacific Rim: Uprising"), who also works on "Jurassic World 3". In front of the camera will be André Holland ("Moonlight"), Natalie Martinez ("End Of Watch") and the children's actors Melody Hurd and Pierson Salvador. The title as well as the poster with the clear sign, please do not feed wild animals, probably point out that living together with the prehistoric beings is not so easy and certainly not without conflicts vonstattengehen willstattengehen.

This reasoning already clearly points to "Jurassic World 3". Trevorrow, who was also director of Jurassic World and was a writer and producer on Jurassic World 2, wants the final film from the Jurassic World trilogy to be about the global integration of dinosaurs into human society focus. Distribution battles and clashes are there probably unavoidable. Therefore, "Battle At Big Rock" can already be interpreted as a foretaste of the events of "Jurassic World 3", even if no exact details of the plot are available yet.

The first live-action short film, which in contrast to the previous has nothing to do with Lego should, according to MovieWeb actually published together with the movie "Hobbs & Shaw" and include the genera Allosaurus and Nasutoceratops. Whether and when "Battle At Big Rock" will be shown in Germany is not yet known. "Jurassic World 3", which is not only to complete the new trilogy, but also the old films, meanwhile starts on 10 June 2021 in German cinemas.


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