German trailer for the cop-thriller "Black And Blue" with "Fast & Furious" star Tyrese Gibson

copyrightGerman trailer for the cop-thriller "Black And Blue" with "Fast & Furious" star Tyrese Gibson

In "Black And Blue" the young policewoman Alicia (Naomie Harris) as a witness of the murder of corrupt bulls in danger. Followed by her own colleagues, a relentless temporary play begins for her.

Alicia West (Naomie Harris) has a tough time in the trailer for "Black And Blue": As a young black woman, she has to earn respect from New Orleans police, but at the same time loses contact with her black community. The missing anchor takes its revenge when the worst happens: Alicia watches her own partner and another corrupt police shoot an informant.

The cold-blooded murder is recorded on her body camera. Only a stranger named Jackson (Tyrese Gibson) can help her to bring the truth to light while her colleagues are silencing her. But the time is short because, after twelve hours, the incriminating material automatically deletes from the camera ...

Director Deon Taylor ("Traffik") starred in addition to "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Naomie Harris also Frank Grillo ("Avengers 4: Endgame") and Tyrese Gibson ("Fast & Furious") in the scene.

"Black And Blue" starts on November 14, 2019, in German cinemas.


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