Films like "Gemini Man" are a problem: Andy Serkis warns of the future of cinema

copyrightFilms like "Gemini Man" are a problem: Andy Serkis warns of the future of cinema

In Ang Lee's sci-fi thriller "Gemini Man," Will Smith fights his younger clone. The superstar was recreated on the computer. Motion capture expert Andy Serkis ("Lord of the Rings") also sees problems with this wonder technology...

The future of cinema is already there. For it has already begun today what will happen much more frequently in the future:

Old actors suddenly become young again! Like Samuel L. Jackson in "Captain Marvel," who marches there as Nick Fury in the '90s, as if he had just shot "Pulp Fiction" - or like Will Smith in "Gemini Man," who claims to be a hitman with his younger one Klone knocks (for which Smith was in the motion-capture suit and his body and face were then animated).

And old actors suddenly appear in films they did not even shoot: like Peter Cushing, who died in 1994, who still gives the nasty Imperial Tarkin in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" of 2016 - a digital, after the Model of Cushing's achievement created the figure.

Andy Serkis became known as Gollum - and that means something since his body and face were not seen in the "Lord of the Rings" movies (2001-2003). An expert on motion-capture technology, he starred in "Star Wars 1: The Dark Menace" (1999), starring Jar Jar Bink's first large-scale exploitation and also used it as a director in his Netflix "Jungle Book." ". Serkis recognizes the benefits of digital acting, which may allow disabled performers, for example, to play non-disabled characters - but Serkis also warns of the problems of copying or manipulating images by computer.


"There are a few serious problems in that we can create photorealistic characters, that we can digitally rejuvenate actors or digitally retrieve recordings of deceased actors," said Andy Serkis in an interview with Screen Daily. Because the technology allows the film studios to do what they want with these digital copies - and the legal issues seem complicated.

"When your actor's performance becomes data, it can be manipulated, reworked, or broken up, just as the music industry does with voices and beats. If we are capable of doing so, what is intellectual property then? Who owns the authorship of acting performance? Where are the boundaries? "


It's certainly not the case that studios with archived footage of actors simply do what they want. For example, following Carrie Fisher's death on December 2016, Disney immediately contacted the actress's heirs because Leia will have a bigger part in "Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker." Universal, in turn, spoke before "Fast & Furious 7" with the family of the late Paul Walker.

And what about living actors acting in a movie that they did not shoot? Will Paramount do the next Will Smith movie, maybe without Will Smith, because that's now stored on disk? Andy Serkis advocates that they get paid even though they did not have to go back to the set:

"If an actor's performance is reused for another film, that actor should be paid for it. It's his performance. "

"Gemini Man" with Will Smith and Will Smith starts on October 3, 2019.


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