Deadman The Undertaker returns to the ring of WWE, picks up wrestler - watch video

copyrightDeadman The Undertaker returns to the ring of WWE, picks up wrestler - watch video

WWE's biggest fighter deadman, The Undertaker, has returned to the ring once again. A video of WWE SmackDown is becoming very viral. In this video, it can be seen that Undertaker is present in the ring when Sammy Jain (Semi Zayn) comes in the ring and asks Undertaker to go out of the ring. Sami Jain (Semi Zayn) also tells The Undertaker during this time that now he can move away from WWE because now the future is in safe hands.

The Deadman, The Undertaker, starts going from the ring after hearing this, but then the Undertaker turns and sees that Sammy Jain (Semi Zayn) is making fun of him. The Undertaker gets angry at this and he kills Sammy Jain with his famous chokeslam. Sammy Jain does not get up after Undertaker's chokeslam. After the Undertaker returned to the ring, the audience was also filled with great enthusiasm.

Fans are also giving their reactions to this video of Undertaker. Let us know that earlier Undertaker was seen in the ring in July. Undertakers no longer appear in the ring as before, but do not forget to surprise their fans from time to time. He and Goldberg had a fight earlier. Undertaker won in this match.


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